Dentist in Amsterdam

Newly arrived expats are warmly invited to meet us at our Dental Clinic in Amsterdam.

Looking for a dentist in Amsterdam? Dental Clinic Fletterman is thé dental clinic for expats living in Amsterdam. We are specialized in numerous dental care and oral hygiene treatments, have experience with treating expats and always strive for excellence.

“A beautiful smile starts with healthy teeth”

We are currently located in South-Amsterdam, in the Rivierenbuurt or River District, making our clinic easily reachable by public transport, car, bike or on foot. Do you have an urgent dental problem that needs to be taken care of right away? You can contact us at 020-66453704 or send us an email at

Why choose Dental Clinic Fletterman?

Why should you choose Dental Clinic Fletterman as your dentist in Amsterdam? Our advantages:

  • Available in the evenings, after work or school;
  • Located in the Rivierenbuurt and easily reachable by public transport, car, bike or on foot;
  • Specialized in cosmetic dentistry and implantology;
  • Extra attention for people who are afraid of going to the dentist;
  • Anaesthesia is always possible during treatment;
  • Treatments according to the guidelines of the professional associations;
  • Professional equipment and scanners;
  • Competitive rates;
  • Our team consists of experienced dental hygienists and dentists in Amsterdam.

Want to know more about our services as a dentist in Amsterdam? Feel free to contact us by phone or through email. Just moved to Amsterdam? In that case you can register with us for free!

Good dental hygiene is essential for healthy teeth

Prevention is better than cure, or in other words, it’s better to prevent a problem from happening than to have to solve the problem afterwards. The same goes for dental care. This is why dental hygiene is of the utmost importance. By keeping your teeth healthy and clean, you will prevent dental issues down the road. And that is not the only benefit of good dental hygiene. Healthy teeth also give you a more attractive smile, prevent bad breath and improve your chewing ability. Additionally, good dental hygiene prevents irritation, gum infection and other, more severe conditions.

Dentist Amsterdam: various dental treatments

We offer various dental treatments and procedures to expats in Amsterdam. These include, among others, the application of veneers for pearly white teeth, root canal treatments, teeth whitening, preventive oral care and more:

  • wisdom teeth removal;
  • jaw joint treatments;
  • treatments by our oral hygienists in Amsterdam;
  • gum treatments;
  • cosmetic dentistry and implantology

Specialized in cosmetic dentistry and implantology

At Fletterman we are specialized in cosmetic dentistry and implantology. This means that we are the ‘go to’ dental clinic for everything ranging from fallen out teeth, broken teeth, nerve pain, crowns, tooth implants, dental bridges and more.

Afraid of going to the dentist?

Afraid of visiting our dentist in Amsterdam? You are not the only one. That’s why our dentists in Amsterdam are specifically trained to make you feel as comfortable as possible. Before the treatment we’ll discuss your fears, preferences and the options to make you feel more comfortable, such as anaesthesia.

Dentist in Amsterdam for children?

We often see that children are afraid of going to the dentist. Luckily, we have experience with this and know how to handle this. By acquanting them with dental care in a friendly, playful manner, we ensure that they leave our dental clinic with a positive experience under their belt. This way, we prevent them from developing an even worse fear of the dentist.

Make an appointment or register

In short, Dental Clinic Fletterman is thé dentist for expats in the wider Amsterdam area. Want to make an appointment, register at our clinic or do you simply have a question? You can contact us on weekdays from 08.45 to 12.20 at 020-6643704, or through the contact form on our website.